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Facade & Canope Cleaning

In providing our clients with first class presentation of their assets, either for protection or decoration, cleaning of these areas has become a major portion of our business. As such we provide the following services:

As such we provide the following services:

In many instances production machinery requires periodical cleaning for the following purposes:

- To conform to food safety standards.
- To enhance process control.
- Cleaning of production areas can be used to lift staff moral and confidence in the work environment.
- To remove hazards. Cleaning of concrete and asphalt plants removes aggregate from the structure that may otherwise fall down. In other industries, surfaces may become slippery after the constant build up of waste materials.

Pressure cleaning allows for efficient cleaning of broad walls, pavements, roofs etc.


In today's environment there are many building materials used in commercial construction that require polishing to clean the surface. Some of these surfaces are; stainless steel, marble and stone. These can be found on many CBD buildings and apartment complexes.

This term is used to identify the many processes available when cleaning without the use of high pressure water cleaning.
This technique is often used on fragile surfaces that require careful attention, such as the historic facades of heritage buildings.

A facade is the front or the face of a building. Few people would refuse to wash their vehicles, even if only now & then. Similarly the same philosophy should be applied to the buildings we operate from.
Cleaning the exterior of your buildings can be performed by any of the above mentioned services to extend the life of building surfaces, reduce maintenance costs and provide a well presented image.