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Paint Stripping

What is paint stripping?

The principle of paint strippers is penetration of the paint film by the molecules of the active ingredient, causing its swelling; this volume increase causes internal strains, which, together with the weakening of the layer's adhesion to the underlying surface, leads to separation of the layer of the paint from the substrate.

CIPS has specialized paint stripping tools and techniques to provide paint removal adding value to your commercial paint job.


There are 2 main reasons for paint stripping or abrasive blasting:

Preparation of surfaces

  • The priority in any form of painting program is the condition of the existing surface and the level of surface preparation required prior to painting;
  • Building facades may be in poor condition and cannot be repainted without removing the old coatings.
  • Heritage listed buildings have surface finishes and wall papers up to many decades old that may have been painted over many times during the past. Paint stripping is required to expose the original detail of historical buildings.
  • Old Steel structures & tanks may be corroding and require refurbishment to extend the life of these assets. Removal of all rust by abrasive or power tool cleaning is necessary prior to applying a protective coatings system.
  • New steel structures & tanks require abrasive blasting to etch the surface and to remove welding slag & millscale. In preparation for appropriate coatings systems.

Cleaning to unpainted surfaces

  • The same methods we use to remove coatings are employed to clean unpainted surfaces;
  • To remove the surface of concrete areas thus providing a new concrete surface.
  • To remove anti-foul from yachts, cruisers and all marine craft.
  • Cleaning of food processing machinery, floors and facilities.
  • To provide a non slip profile to concrete floors.