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Ongoing maintenance that saves you money!

SmartPaint is the clever, cost-effective way of ensuring your building looks its best and has maximum protection at all times. The key is spreading the cost – equal sums are paid annually over an agreed contract period. Your property always looks sparkling, and you save money at the same time!

How does SmartPaint work?
With SmartPaint, the entire property (single building, offices, warehouse, factory, block of units, etc) is entirely re-painted in the first year.
Then once each year, the state of the building is appraised and decisions made on what areas need to be re-painted, touched up, fixed, etc. Contracts vary from two to 12 years, depending on the property requirements.
SmartPaint is the culmination of systems that have been developed and refined over many years, with CIPS achieving great success with this concept - underlined by our repeat business.

The major benefits of SmartPaint are:

An example: A Block of Units

Requirement: Painting of all previously painted exterior surfaces, including fascias, eaves, downpipes, doors, doorframes, plumbing, timber windows, roller doors, timber fly screens, awnings.

Traditional ‘once off’ painting service.

All areas done as above.
Total one-off cost: $11, 605.00      Versus

All areas done as above in Year 1, plus annual maintenance each year thereafter for eight years, thus ensuring property is kept in first-class shape.
Annual cost: $2189.00 per year, for eight years.

The advantages

By choosing SmartPaint, the owner now has the property looking at its best all the time, and is not burdened with a large one-off cost.

The facility of spreading the total cost of painting and maintenance payments over the duration of the programme assists in the preparation of accurate annual budgets and avoids heavy outlays associated with periodic repainting.

Extra benefits
Additional benefits of SmartPaint include:

Commercial Industrial Painting Services has a 22-year track record in providing these solutions to large companies, councils, body corporate clients and individuals throughout Victoria. We can provide you with references and site visits of facilities we currently maintain. They will confirm that when it comes to efficient, cost-effective presentation and administration of your building, SmartPaint is the solution.

SmartPaint - On-going maintenance that saves you money!